Autoklav Clean Tec, Ritter, Nemačka

Autoklav od 23 litre, Klasa B
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Technical Specifications

Overall dimensions (L x H x D) 505 x 400 x 650 mm
Weight (with empty tanks) 50 kg
Weight (with full tanks) 55 kg
Weight per unit area of support: Max. 32.46 N/cm2
Colour: RAL9002
Material: SUS304 Steel / FeP01 Steel (Cover)
Noise level at 1 m distance: 54 dBA
Noise level in front of the display: 63 dBA
Max. transmitted heat 6.3 MJ/h (1506 kcal/h)

Electrical specifications
Rated voltage: 230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Rated input: 1950 W
Supply cable (L 1.5 m) 2+1 x 1.5 mm2
Fuses T10A
Insulation Class I

Chamber specifications
Max. working pressure: 0.21 MPa (relative)
Max. working vacuum: -82 kPa (relative)
Max. vacuum (drying process): -94 kPa (relative)
Max. working temperature: 137°C
Material: Stainless steel SUS 304
Dimensions: Ø x P 250 x 450 mm

Clean water tank + Dirty water tank specifications
Max. capacity: 4.5 l
Cycles per tankful ~4
(before the min. level indicator lights up)
Material: Stainless steel

Bacterial filter data
maximum diameter 56 mm
max. allowed filtering capacity 0.3 μm
No. of cycles before replacement ~159

Major features and characteristics

  • Micro-computer control, touch-key.
  • Automatic process-control in terms of water filling, pulse vacuum, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and vacuum dryness.
  • Pulsant final vacuum drying system ensures the best drying effects.
  • Built-in steam generator and steam separator, in order to ensure the quality of the steam. An external steam source is not necessary.
  • Equipped for instruments, instrument bags, dressings, rubber items.
  • User-defined sterilization programs according to the customer’s needs.
  • Liquid program optionally available.
  • Bowie-Dick test and vacuum test programs.
  • The 0.22 μm filter guarantees sterile air in the chamber preventing a recontamination.
  • LCD-Display indicates temperature, time, pressure and cycle process.
  • Automatic alarm control in case of errors and cycle completion.
  • Internal printer included.



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